What is the Milfoil Weevil? Is it Found in Republic Michigan


The eurasian water milfoil weevil (Euhrychiopsis lecontei) is called an environmentally friendly plants predator of some sorts of milfoil and also has actually been look at very carefully by research scientists as an all-natural control for water milfoil in excess of 2 entire decades. Generally because weevils are typically discovered in Republic, Michigan USA fish ponds having eurasian watermilfoil problems, the possibilities are very good that they currently occupy your pond. Yet, due to the fact watermilfoil will grow so quickly, natural populations of weevils just could not generally manage it. Consequently one method is to simply raise the organic milfoil weevil population to lasting amounts enough to effectively deal with the eurasian water milfoil over the long-lasting.

Just what is biocontrol? Natural control, or biocontrol, is taken into consideration the treatment associated with reproduction and then releasing all-natural enemies (predators and also parasites) of various other microorganisms which are deemed parasites (hosts). A reliable biocontrol representative is very targeted to one or perhaps a few hosts which’s why, these natural control representatives have the tendency to be perfectly risk-free to individuals and also do not trigger harm to the real atmosphere. They simply enhance the natural equilibrium of mother nature. Continuously remember, however, that biocontrol does not completely eliminate these unwanted parasites; it keeps them at reduced degrees where they typically aren’t thought to be a hassle.
Just how specifically does the milfoil weevil impact eurasian water milfoil in Republic?

Organic control microorganisms actually reduce their host plants. Not only does the weevil rely on the plant life for nutrients, however in addition ending up all its living phases. Equivalent to a butterfly, the weevil’s lifespan stages have an egg cell, larvae, pupa, and then fully grown phase. When adults, they’ll eat the eurasian water milfoil, yet likewise look for lively watermilfoil tips (referred to as the meristem) to lay eggs. When the eggs hatch to larvae, the larvae passage down via the whole stem developing slots in the stem wall surfaces while it goes in and out and also burrows the stem cells. This kind of interior devastation hinders all the supply of nutrients all through the plant as well as the origins, where energy is retained for next years’ development. Additionally, openings within the stem created by the larvae make it possible for gas to leave as well as make the plant to shed buoyancy in the water. When the stem is assaulted by the weevil and then dies, it begins to fall over as well as weigh down neighboring stems, drawing them further from the lake surface area. This opens the plant cover as well as permits desired native plant life to compete better, and also ultimately replace the eurasian water milfoil beds.

In most cases, 3 to 4 additional generations of milfoil weevil’s must carry on and increase and expand throughout the body of water in a season. Ultimately, as the watermilfoil lowers within the dealt with body of water, the beetle number progressively decreases to a self-sustaining degree.

Precisely just what outcomes can be anticipated while using the eurasian watermilfoil weevil? Overall, the purpose is to construct a longer term population of the milfoil weevil’s which will persistently regulate the eurasian water milfoil for years to find. Combating massive milfoil issues could be tough with out a details weevil-stocking approaches to enhance success. This consists of stocking somewhat multitudes of weevils in lots of areas over 2-3 years typically, relying on the scale of problem. We additionally recognize that equipping extra weevils in the first year increases the price related to lake-wide control.


Preferred control using the weevil typically takes in between 2 or 3 years usually. Control entails:

  • Significant decrease in water milfoil thickness, as well as in many cases decrease of mostly all eurasian watermilfoil beds;
  • Maintenance of the making it through plants listed below the water’s surface area at non-nuisance arrays;
  • Assist to enhance of indigenous plants kinds and also re-establishment of a diverse indigenous plant community within places as soon as covered with milfoil.

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